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Development Review

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All development projects proposed in Albany must comply with the City's Unified Sustainable Development Ordinance (USDO). The USDO, in coordination with the Albany 2030 Comprehensive Plan, includes zoning code updates and a streamlined, user-friendly process that aims to secure successful (re)development in the City.
Case Files Address Applicant Description Case Agendassort ascending
00284 219 Lark Street Mary Anne Repecki Certificate of Appropriateness request to install a new canvas covered awning measuring 5' wide and 5' deep over the storefront entrance door.
00290 133 Kenosha Street Connie and John Tully Area Variance (375-4(F)(8)(b)(i)(A)) from the requirement that fences constructed in any front yard or exterior side yard facing a street must not exceed four feet in height an 60 percent opacity.
00291 301 Second Street Diane Clark Area Variance (375-4(I)(5)(a)(i)) to allow for the installation of a 0.60 square foot awning sign when awning signs are not permitted in residential districts.
00292 19 Linden Road Jim Farrell Area Variance to allow for the installation of 124 feet of 6-foot fencing that is more than 60% opaque in a front yard, where the maximum permitted height for fencing in a R-1M is 4 feet and the maximum opacity is 60%.
00289 25 Home Avenue Maureen Conroy Area Variance (375-4(G)(4)(d)(i)) and (375-4(G)(4)(d)(ii)) to the requirement that porches shall be retained or replaced and matched in their original style with appropriate supports, balusters, railings, and framed latticework to the maximum extent practicable.
00065 745 Broadway BROADWAY 915 LLC Major Development Plan Review - Removal of +/- 67 existing automobile parking spaces and the construction of a +/-100,983 square foot, six-story structure with 82 dwelling units and two (2) commercial units totaling +/-7,000 square feet.
00293 1 Homestead Street Zachary Chaplin, Stonefield Engineering and Design Area Variance - Construction of twenty (20) parking spaces, which exceeds the permitted amount of parking for the MU-NC district. Major Development Plan Review - Construction of a +/- 3,026 one-story bank and twenty (20) automobile parking spaces.
N/A Updates to the Planning Board Rules of Procedure N/A Updates to the Planning Board Rules of Procedure to Create Time Limits for Applicant Presentations, Rebuttals, and to Allow for the Planning Board to Extend the Maximum Allotted Time for Presentations.
00257 237 Western Ave Patrick Rafferty Development Plan Review / Demolition Review to construct a five (5)-story, approx. 117,160-sqft structure with 101 dwelling units and 5,639-sqft of commercial space. Multiple existing structures at the site totaling approx. 22,100-sqft will be demolished.
00282 25 Delaware Ave Conifer, LLC HRC Concept Review for the rehab of an existing two-story historic brick building and the construction of a rear five-story addition to the existing two-story brick building. Development Plan Review to construct an approx. 14,540-sqft multi-family dwelling consisting of 52 dwelling units and thirty parking spaces, and the renovation of an existing approx. 5,532-sqft structure.
00286 303 Sheridan Ave Janine Robitaille Demolition Review of an existing approx. 1,400-sqft structure.
00287 634, 700, Rear 700, 700A New Scotland Ave Maria College District Plan Review for five existing structures associated with a higher education institution totaling approx. 130,705-sqft, construction of two additions totaling approx. 1,120-sqft, and a proposed increase in automobile parking spaces from 280 spaces to 302 spaces.
00285 123 Morris St & 12 New Scotland Ave ARHC NSALBANY01, LLC Development Plan Review to remove 18 existing automobile parking spaces and the construction of 9 new automobile parking spaces.
00288 152 Washington Ave 152 Washington Avenue, LLC Development Plan Review to convert an existing office building into 35 residential dwelling units and the construction of a one-story, approx. 3,489-sqft addition.
ZTA 0008 Christopher Spencer, Chief Planning Official Zoning Text Amendment - Amendment to the Unified Sustainable Development Ordinance (USDO): Establish aesthetic review criteria for the installation of small wireless facilities.