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Development Review

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All development projects proposed in Albany must comply with the City's Unified Sustainable Development Ordinance (USDO). The USDO, in coordination with the Albany 2030 Comprehensive Plan, includes zoning code updates and a streamlined, user-friendly process that aims to secure successful (re)development in the City.
Case Files Address Applicant Description Case Agendassort ascending
00277 581 Central Avenue Walgreens Pharmacy APPLICATION WITHDRAWN -Installation of a +/- 10 square foot freestanding sign in a district that does not permit freestanding signage and would exceed the maximum permitted amount of signage for the site.
00280 67 Livingston Avenue Clinton Square Studios, LLC Construction of a six (6)-story mixed use structure with 66 dwelling units and +/-2,006 square feet of commercial space. An existing +/-1,486 structure is proposed to be demolished.
00261 33 Arthur Dr Richard Barber and Margaret Barrows Area Variance for installation of approx. 184-ft of six 6-ft fencing, approx. 108-ft of which is located within the exterior side yard area.
00238 563 New Scotland Ave Jankow Companies Demolition Review and Development Plan Review for construction of a five-story, approx. 155,372-sqft, mixed-use structure, four-story, multifamily structures having 55,264-sqft and 42,932-sqft, respectively, and a two-story, approx. 21,154-sqft multifamily structure. A total of 13,515 of commercial / retail floor area and 188 units are proposed. Seven existing structures at the site will be demolished. Area Variance to allow for the construction of a five (5)-story mixed-use building, where the maximum permitted height for principal buildings is 4.5 stories with a low impact development incentive.
00246 341 Madison Ave Michael Harrington Conditional Use Permit / Area Variance for a conversion of a two family townhouse to a three family townhouse, and to permit an apartment to occupy approx. 52% of a single floor plane, where each unit is required to occupy at least 80% of a single floor plane.
00264 950, 960, 964 Central Ave Armory Garage, Inc. Area Variance / Development Plan Review / Demolition Review for construction of a single-story, approx. 53,267-sqft structure for an automobile dealership. An existing approx. 13,196-sqft structure will be demolished.
00275 301 Orange St Habitat for Humanity Capital District Area Variance to allow for a six-foot side setback, where the maximum permitted side setback is 3.5-feet.
00276 288 Orange St Habitat for Humanity Capital District Area Variance to allow for a six-foot side setback, where the maximum permitted side setback is 3.5-feet.
00252 89 (AKA) 95 Central Ave Legal Aid Society of New York Area Variance for a wall sign to be approx. 35-sqft in a district in which the maximum wall sign is 24-sqft.
ZTA 0007 Christopher Spencer, Chief Planning Official USDO Text Amendment: Pursuant to the initial evaluation period established in §375-5(E)(24)(d)(i).
00086 60 Academy Rd Northern Rivers Behavioral Center Development Plan Review / District Plan Approval / Demolition Review for construction of approx. 12,910-sqft structure for office and community residential facility uses. An existing approx. 8,750-sqft structure at the site will be demolished.
00263 423 & 427 Washington Ave Edward Maitino Conditional Use Permit / Demolition Plan Review / Development Plan Review / to construction an approx. 16,900-sqft multi-family dwelling with 16 dwelling units. An existing residential structure and accessory buildings totaling approx. 2,025-sqft on the site will be demolished.
00271 9 View Ave Mark Negrola Conditional Use Permit for conversion of an approx. 1,710-sqft single-family detached dwelling to a two-family detached dwelling.
00277 31 New Karner Rd Stewarts Shops Development Plan Review / Conditional Use Permit to construct a vehicle fueling station, car wash and approx. 5,290-sqft convenience retail establishment.
00269 705 Broadway Pioneer Companies Construction of a six (6)-story mixed-use structure with 129 residential units and +/- 14,352 square feet of retail space and construction of an eight (8)-story, +/- 106,352 square foot hotel with 132 rooms.