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Development Review

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All development projects proposed in Albany must comply with the City's Unified Sustainable Development Ordinance (USDO). The USDO, in coordination with the Albany 2030 Comprehensive Plan, includes zoning code updates and a streamlined, user-friendly process that aims to secure successful (re)development in the City.
Case Files Address Applicant Description Case Agendassort ascending
P00363 725 Madison Avenue Woman's Club of Albany Certificate of Appropriateness to restore the existing front porch and construct an ADA compliant ramp.
00356 161 Washington Avenue Extension #208 AJ Signs Area Variance - Installation of a 100 square foot wall sign, when the maximum permitted amount of wall signage is 32 square feet.
00358 536 Central Avenue Stewart's Shops Area Variance (§375-4(G)(4)(e)(i)) to allow +/- 46% transparency on Manning Boulevard and 0% transparency on Central Avenue where 50% is required.
00266 1020 Madison Ave The College of Saint Rose Area Variance (375-4(I)(5)(a)(i)) to allow the installation of an additional 7 square foot wall sign, where one already exists, when the maximum permitted amount of wall signage in a MU-NE zoning district for a property with one frontage is one wall sign. Conditional Use Permit / Demolition Review to occupy an existing approx. 4,370-sqft structure and proposed approx. 980-sqft addition as a higher education institution. Three existing accessory structures at the site totaling approx. 1,500-sqft are proposed to be demolished.
00336 236 Clinton Avenue and 255 Orange Street Albany Center for Economic Success Major Development Plan Review - Construction of a three (3)-story, +/-54,428 square foot mixed-use structure with 36 residential dwelling units, +/- 10,082 square feet of office space, and +/- 1,924 square feet of retail space.
00345 244 State Street Nolan Engineering, PLLC Major Development Plan Review - Conversion of a +/-44,916 square foot office building into 61 dwelling units and a +/-538 square foot café (restaurant).
00359 11 Anderson Drive Jeff Abele, R Abele Realty Major Development Plan Review- Removal of +/-0.74 acres of trees and vegetation and the installation of a +/-0.74-acre outdoor heavy vehicle storage area.
ZMA 0007 10,15,33,37,45 Krank Street; 1,4,6,7,8,9,10,11,13,15 Scott Street; 2,4,8,10,12,16.5,17,18,20,22,24,32 Leonard Street; 76,84,86,88,90 Second Avenue Corey Jones, South End Development Zoning Map Amendment - Amendment to the Zoning Map to amend the zoning classification of the subject properties from R-T (Townhouse) and MU-NE (Mixed-Use, Neighborhood Edge) to MU-CI (Mixed-Use, Campus/Institutional).
00357 60 Colvin Avenue Anthony DeThomasis Major Development Plan Review - Construction of a three-story, +/- 57,093 square foot mixed-use structure with 48 dwelling units and +/- 4,809 square feet of retail space, and a two-story, +/- 17,016 square foot multifamily dwelling with 15 units.
00282 25 Delaware Ave Conifer, LLC Concept Review for the rehab of an existing two-story historic brick building and the construction of a rear four-story multi-family dwelling. to the existing two-story brick building.
LM0002 251-255 North Pearl Street & 75 Livingston Avenue PACA Preservation, LLC Consideration of the proposed National Biscuit Company Complex for nomination to the State and National Register of Historic Places.
ZTA 0014 Councilmember Judy Doesschate Zoning Text Amendment - Amendment to the Unified Sustainable Development Ordinance (USDO) to extend the suspension of the Low-Impact Development Incentive until June 30, 2021.
00346 294A & 298 Colonie Street Albany County Land Bank Demolition Review - Demolition of three accessory structures totaling +/-2,000 square feet.
00347 52 Emmet Street Albany County Land Bank Demolition Review - Demolition of a +/-1,980 square foot detached townhouse.
00348 354 Second Street Albany County Land Bank Demolition Review - Demolition of a +/-1,980 square foot detached two-family structure.