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Development Review

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All development projects proposed in Albany must comply with the City's Unified Sustainable Development Ordinance (USDO). The USDO, in coordination with the Albany 2030 Comprehensive Plan, includes zoning code updates and a streamlined, user-friendly process that aims to secure successful (re)development in the City.
Case Files Address Applicant Description Case Agendassort ascending
00189 100 Kenwood Rd Kenwood Commons, LLC SEQR / District Plan involving construction of approx. 35 structures ranging from two- to eight-stories and totaling approx. 3,976,960-sqft. A total of approx. 2,224 units, approx. 575 hotel rooms, approx. 437,760-sqft commercial / community space and associated parking facilities are proposed. Five existing structures at the site will be demolished.
A 0002 372 New Scotland Ave Hon. Judy Doesschate USDO Administrative Appeal: Decisions and interpretations relating to zoning, nonconforming status, permitted uses and signage.
00241 12 Sheridan Ave 3JB Properties, LLC Certificate of Appropriateness request to install an aluminum channel letter sign between the second and third floor with an external light bar.
00239 115 S Pearl St Inayatullah Seraj Certificate of Appropriateness request to install new storefront windows in existing non-original window openings, replace the existing non-original entry door and install two new sash windows on the side elevation.
00183 135 Academy Rd Albany Academy Development Planning Review for construction of approx. 21,000-sqft gymnasium.
00236 296 Sheridan Ave Albany County Land Bank Corp Demolition Review of approx. 2,126-sqft structure.
00217 1 Steuben Pl Redburn Development Partners, LLC Major Development Plan Review for conversion of approx. 81,800-sqft of commercial floor area to accommodate 59 dwelling units.
00218 76 N Pearl St Redburn Development Partners, LLC Development Plan Review for conversion of approx. 76,500-sqft commercial floor area to accommodate 63 dwelling units.
00228 100 Philip St Michael Gilhooly & Chris Hacker Certificate of Appropriateness to construct a second floor addition to an existing one-story corner structure. Conditional Use Permit for conversion and expansion of an existing non-residential structure for use as a approx. 2,775-sqft townhouse.
00175 151 Henry Johnson Blvd Cellco Partnership d/b/a Verizon Wireless Area Variance for the installation of a telecommunications antenna.
00227 279 Whitehall Rd Peter Hand Conversion of a +/- 900 square foot religious institution into a single-family dwelling.
00210 436 Third St Albany County Land Bank Corp Demolition of the approx. 1,260-sqft structure at the premises.
00225 24 Eagle St James Tobin, James Daly Tobin Architects Certificate of Appropriateness request to restore the existing brownstone entry steps and railings and repair the existing brownstone column bases.
00226 39 N Pearl St Martinez Management, LLC Certificate of Appropriateness request to renovate the existing side entrance and corner courtyard.
00219 47 Holmes Dl Dan and Nancy Welsh Area Variance to allow for installation of a five-foot fence in an exterior side yard.