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All development projects proposed in Albany must comply with the City's Unified Sustainable Development Ordinance (USDO). The USDO, in coordination with the Albany 2030 Comprehensive Plan, includes zoning code updates and a streamlined, user-friendly process that aims to secure successful (re)development in the City.
Case Files Address Applicant Description Case Agendassort ascending
00253 543 North Pearl St St. Catherine's Center for Children Development Plan Review / Demolition Review to construct a three (3)-story, approx. 21,925-sqft multi-family dwelling with 20 dwelling units. An existing approx. 21,825-sqft structure at the site will be demolished.
00256 86 Dana Ave Ron Stein, TRPS2, LLC Development Plan Review / Demolition Review to construct a four (4)-story, approx. 45,200-sqft multi-family dwelling with 36 dwelling units. Three existing structures at the site totaling approx. 8,640-sqft will be demolished.
ZTA 0003 Hon. Richard Conti, Hon. Cathy Fahey USDO Text Amendment: Conditional Use Permit for new construction of townhouse dwelling having three dwelling units in the R-T (Townhouse) zoning district and qualify the minimum standards to allow such construction.
00258 93 N Pearl St Redburn Development LLC Wall Display Application to install a 3,900-sqft fabric screen sign.
00229 43 Columbia St Redburn Development Partners, LLC Major Development Review to convert an existing parking garage and to construct an approx. 7,335-sqft addition in order to accommodate 27 units.
00242 251-255 N Pearl St Capital Repertory Theatre Conditional Use Permit / Wall Display Application for approx. 28,200-sqft warehouse to a performing arts venue with seating for approx. total of 410 spectators and the installation of four (4) LED sign displays.
00232 448 Madison Ave Aumond Enterprises, LLC Conditional Use Permit to occupy approx. 1,250-sqft floor area within the structure for the purpose of Artisan Manufacturing, and expand an existing Conditional Use (Bar/Tavern) occupying approx. 2,250-sqft of floor area by an additional 1,150-sqft. Certificate of Appropriateness to construct a rear second floor addition to an existing two-story structure.
00243 95 Elizabeth St Albany County Land Bank Corp Certificate of Appropriateness request to construct a new exterior stoop, replace the existing siding and sash windows.
00252 89 (AKA) 95 Central Ave Legal Aid Society of New York Area Variance for a wall sign to be approx. 35-sqft in a district in which the maximum wall sign is 24-squft.
00237 446 Elk St Albany County Land Bank Corp Demolition Review of approx. 1,600-sqft structure.
00189 100 Kenwood Rd Kenwood Commons, LLC SEQR / District Plan involving construction of approx. 35 structures ranging from two- to eight-stories and totaling approx. 3,976,960-sqft. A total of approx. 2,224 units, approx. 575 hotel rooms, approx. 437,760-sqft commercial / community space and associated parking facilities are proposed. Five existing structures at the site will be demolished.
00034 60 Colvin Ave Anthony DeThomasis Development Plan Review for construction of two, three-story mixed-use structures, approx. 6,400-sqft of commercial space and 24 residential dwelling units.
ZMA 0001 10-15 Krank St, 4-12 Leonard St, & 7-15 Scott St South End Development, LLC USDO Map Amendment: Zoning Map classification change of the affected properties from R-T (Townhouse) to MU-NE (Mixed-Use Neighborhood Edge).
ZMA 0002 151 & 153 Grand St Christopher Spencer, Chief Planning Official USDO Map Amendment: Zoning Map classification change of the affected properties from MU-FS (Mixed-Use Form-Based South End) to LC (Land Conservation).
ZTA 0004 Hon. Judy Doesschate USDO Text Amendment: Reduce the size of allowable signs within residential zone districts and to require the removal of obsolete signs.