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Development Review

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All development projects proposed in Albany must comply with the City's Unified Sustainable Development Ordinance (USDO). The USDO, in coordination with the Albany 2030 Comprehensive Plan, includes zoning code updates and a streamlined, user-friendly process that aims to secure successful (re)development in the City.
Case Filessort ascending Address Applicant Description Case Agendas
00381 191 North Pearl Street 191 North Pearl Street, LLC Major Certificate of Appropriateness, Major Development Plan Review - Construction of a +/-25,968 square foot, four-story multifamily building with 18 dwelling units and an internal parking garage with 13 automobile parking spaces.
00380 15 Champlain Street Bonacquisti Holdings, LLC Construction of a +/- 9,000 square foot structure for storage and wholesale distribution or a similarly permitted use.
00379 176 Sheridan Avenue Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless Conversion of a +/-1,760 square foot townhouse to an office.
00375 76 Second Avenue Corey Jones, South End Development Demolition Reviews, Major Development Plan Review - Demolition of four residential structures, one garage, and one storage shed totaling +/-6,666 square feet and the construction of four buildings with +/-184 dwelling units, +/-180 parking spaces, +/-26,058 square feet of commercial and retail space, and +/-6,466 square feet of community center space.
00374 53 Pinewood Avenue Michael Smith Area Variance to permit the construction of a five-foot tall fence with more than 60 percent opacity in a front yard, where only up to a four-foot tall fence with a maximum 60 percent opacity is permitted.
00372 1415 Washington Avenue Evan Podob, 1415 Washington Property, LLC Area Variance, Conditional Use Permit Review, Demolition Review, Major Certificate of Appropriateness, Major Development Plan Review - Demolition of a +/-66,237 square foot hotel and the construction of a +/-414,580 square foot student dormitory with 240 dwelling units and a parking garage with +/-207 automobile parking spaces.
00371 255-271 Clinton Avenue Home Leasing Area Variance, Development Plan Review - Construction of a parking lot with +/-38 parking spaces.
00369 292 State Street Stephanie Brown Conditional Use Permit - Conversion of a one-family townhouse to a two-family townhouse.
00368 35 Commerce Avenue CFM 25 Industrial, INC Major Development Plan Review- Construction of a +/-17,320 square foot warehouse addition.
00361 62 Dana Avenue RJS RE Holdings, LLC Conversion of a two-family townhouse to a three-family townhouse.
00359 11 Anderson Drive Jeff Abele, R Abele Realty Major Development Plan Review- Removal of +/-0.74 acres of trees and vegetation and the installation of a +/-0.74-acre outdoor heavy vehicle storage area.
00358 536 Central Avenue Stewart's Shops Area Variance (§375-4(G)(4)(e)(i)) to allow +/- 46% transparency on Manning Boulevard and 0% transparency on Central Avenue where 50% is required.
00357 60 Colvin Avenue Anthony DeThomasis Major Development Plan Review - Construction of a three-story, +/- 57,093 square foot mixed-use structure with 48 dwelling units and +/- 4,809 square feet of retail space, and a two-story, +/- 17,016 square foot multifamily dwelling with 15 units.
00356 161 Washington Avenue Extension #208 AJ Signs Area Variance - Installation of a 100 square foot wall sign, when the maximum permitted amount of wall signage is 32 square feet.
00354 163 Clinton Avenue Home Leasing Certificate of Appropriateness - Request to rehabilitate a three-story masonry structure. Conditional Use Permit - Conversion of a +/-15,460 square foot religious institution into a multi-family dwelling with 13 dwelling units.